What to see in 3 days in Milan? Those who buy Maxguide often ask me what to do in a long weekend.

Cosa vedere a Milano in 3 giorni: certamente piazza Gae Aulenti!

Ciumbia! I have miles and miles of tips (include my favourite make-out spot. 🍋 Find it out in the free mini guide in pdf).

Day 1 – Discover the great classics of the City Center

The path on the map is the one I like the most to discover, or re-discover, Milan. During the first day, I suggest you explore halfway through: from Gae Aulenti to Castello Sforzesco, passing Brera, Teatro alla Scala and the Duomo.

  1. Start from Piazza Gae Aulenti (Subway Garibaldi) and discover the new skyscapers.
  2. Take a walk through Corso Como and Corso Garibaldi, among independent shops and places where to have a snack.
  3. When you get to via Broletto, turn in Via Fiori Chiari and get to Brera.
  4. From there, move on to Piazza della Scala and enter Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.
  5. Welcome to Piazza Duomo! Snack time will be well overdue by now…
  6. Take Via dei Mercanti and get across Piazza Cordusio, perhaps with a small detour in Piazza Affari to flip your finger to the sky, just like Cattelan (no, not Alessandro).
  7. Take Via Dante, all the way to Castello Sforzesco and say wow!
  8. Enter Parco Sempione and enjoy some well-deserved relax, recharge your batteries and get ready for the evening.
  9. For dinner, go to Navigli (Subway Porta Genova). You can find all kinds of restaurants in Via Vigevano. Enjoy the typical happy hour of Milano Nightlife in Naviglio Grande.
Il Duomo è sicuramente una delle cose da vedere a Milano in 3 giorni

Duomo, with palm trees. Autumn-winter collection.

In order to discover Milan in 3 days you need all the energy you can get. So, at this point, you’d better go to bed.

Day 2 – Milan for connoisseurs,  beween museums and shopping

Wake up early, like we do in Milan. Time is money. Even during a vacation.

  1. Have a good breakfast in Isola district (Subway Isola), right behind Bosco Verticale, then walk to Cimitero Monumentale, where illustrious Milanese are buried, in monumental tombs.
  2. Take a walk in Via Paolo Sarpi, Italy’s Chinatown.
  3. Keep walking to Intro Montanelli Gardens.
  4. Through Corso Venezia get to piazza San Babila.
  5. Make an impression and venture into the Quadrilatero della Moda, do not miss a single shop window in Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga.
  6. Duomo and Palazzo Reale, enjoy some great exhibition.
  7. ThroughVia Torino get to Colonne di San Lorenzo and Corso di Porta Ticinese, among wall poetry and hipster shops.
  8. Follow one of my dinner tips. Or get in touch t share your favourite places with me!

Day 3 – Trip to Monza

Cosa fare a Milano in 3 giorni? Un'escursione a Monza!Clearly, in Milan there would still be dozens of museums, shops  and libraries to visit.

However, I suggest you to turn you attention to a beautyful gem 18 minutes away from Milan, which by the way is the city I live in: Monza. Enjoy the liberty buildings, the typical cuisine, the shops and the unmissable park of Monza with its Villa Reale.

  1. Take a train from Porta Garibaldi, Lambrate or Milano Centrale. In 18 minuti you’ll be arrived.
  2. Walk along Via Italia till you reach Via Santa Maddalena. Turn right and go down to the Lambro river.
  3. Talk a walk as if you were on vacation (because probably you are) to Ponte dei Leoni.
  4. Turn left and go back up to the Duomo di Monza.
  5. Follow Via Italia and Via Carlo Alberto to get to Re de Sass (the monument dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele II).
  6. Cross the gardens and you’ll see the Villa Reale – Reggia di Monza.
  7. You must be exhausted by now: time for a snack inside the Villa.
  8. Visit the museum (if you’re a fan of culture and museums)
  9. Rent a bike and discover the part, which is HUGE. It’s just like being in the countryside.

On your way back you can take the bus to the station.

Milan’s travelguides written by me

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Have I told you everything about what to see in 3 days in Milan?

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