TedX Padova

If you do not know what a TED Talk is, let me tell you one thing: NAW. Never Again Without.

Great minds, great innovators, simple people who want to change the world. And that’s what they do, through speeches that can last up to 18 minutes, since 1984. They’re presented during one week a year, in Canada, during a nonprofit event. This formula gets replicated through many local cells, which in Italy organize dozens of TedX.

This year I went to see the event in Verona (this is how we got enchanted by Bianca Atei) and, shortly after, the one in Padua (introduced by Alessandro Rimassa with his considerations on the digital landscape). A chance to get surrounded by pure energy, will to share and certainty that the world is changing for the better. Not simply a journey in a different city, but in a universe of ideas from all-around the world.

For those who prefer traveling from home, every single one of these videos is available on their website and on the app. It is for free, to spread enthusiasm and share knowledge.

To change the world.

Some of my favorite talks:

  • Kio Stark and the importance of talking to strangers (oh no, Italian mothers, here we don’t agree with you)
  • Amanda Palmer, her street art and the relationship between artists and fans.
  • Mary Roach and the “perhaps not everyone knows that …” on orgasms.
  • Takaharu Tezuka, who designed the world’s best kindergarten.
  • Seth Godin and the “tribes”. A 7 years old talk that is amazingly contemporary.


What if, instead of the usual playlist in your car, you’d listen to a talk that could set in motion a thousand wheels in your brain? What if you could be inspired by a 13-year-old girl who is able to program a robot or by a man who found an extraordinary way to reduce world hunger? What if your trip on the subway became the greatest moment of change in your life?

PS: Without TED Talk there would be no MaxGuide.