According to the UN, 2017 was the year of sustainable tourism. For the Chinese horoscope 2018 is the year of the dog. For Mibact, instad, it will be the year of Italian food. With all due respect, I’ve already gained 4kg last year…

I want to dedicate 2018 ti extraordinary girls: rebels, enthusiastic, courageous. From Sicily to Piedmont. From 0 to 120 years. From the Paleolithic to the future.

I grew up among amazing women, from my famous grandmother to my cousin Emilia, from my school friends-sisters to those strong women who start shops innovative yet so rooted to their traditions. I begin my praise in Vicenza, where my super-adored aunt Fernanda lived for almost 15 years, she has definitely forged my rebellious side, as well as my irony, characteristic of one’s rebellion.

The Vicenza of men: all streets are “masculine”

Surely, Vicenza is the city of Palladio (Van Gogh, too for a few months). All the shopping seems to be focused on Corso Palladio. One of the main roads celebrates another great Vicentine, Antonio Fogazzaro. If I take a look at the map of the city center, all the streets take their names after men, saints and sinners. How is this possible?

I’m a bit fed up with celebration on great men of the past only.

I’m not confident enough on the history of the city to know which women made Vicena big. Ok, I add get informed to my new year’s resolutions. Luckily, in the present I know several. And I keep falling in love with them.

I’d like to begin with them to make 2018 a special year.

Vicenza’s extraordinary girls: starting from Piazza dei Signori

Get in for a hot cocoa, get out with a treasure map. It’s Sonia‘s fault, her and her Ciocco Lato, in Contrà del Monte. Together with other owners created “Vicenza si Mostra” (n.d.t. Vicenza shows itself). They  independently put together a free map for tourists, to allow them to enjoy the city at its best. She has a spark in her eyes while she explains the project, – I was already touched by the orange- flavoured chocolate – and has one goal: involve all shops, bars and restaurants. Nothing less.

“If I work, others work, too. And viceversa”

I just walk across Corso Palladio, not sparing a glance at the chains of stores. I move to Corso Fogazzaro, to Giorgia and her mom (I talked about them in this article). In their shop, Il Pagliaio, they sell ethnic handicrafts from Bali. And from Vicenza. The fil rouge? Women. Artisan, creative, passionate and unique women.

“We’re very sorry for all those made in China magnets – are we entirely sure that they’re what tourists want?”

Corso Fogazzaro is full of other surprises…

I enter Antonietta’s Mifrulla for a juice. And a piece of cake. And a coffee. The fil rouge?

The love we give others also depends on the love for ourselves and our body.

Organic ingredients, relaxing music, white tones and cooking right in front of you, with vegetables and cutting boards always at hand.

Ragazze straordinarie a Vicenza, come al negozio 222

Antonella, one of the extraordinary girsl

I keep on walking and it feels like being in Amsterda. No, it’s Barcellona. Ah no, it’s Brooklyn. Correction: Corso Fogazzaro 222 in Vicenza. And the shop is called just like that: 222. 2 are the women involved, Martina and Antonella, who opened in April. Moms, and even more women, who want to feel fulfilled and they’re doing it with a design – not snob – place. You can find from anti-pickpocket backpacks to super high-tech headphones: whatever you might want to as a gift. Here, they organize events to bring people together, clothes lays next to Taschen’s books, between chic sofas and cribs from 1800.

“We sell anything we like. Anything that makes people’s home more beautiful, bringing small pieces of the world to Vicenza.”

How many more extraordinary girls are not given enough attention?

Ok, this is my 2018 resolution. Talk about travels, dreams and food. And, mostly, extraordinary girls.

Girls who make us better with their courage.

#estraordinary girls