Cosa fare a Milano questo weekend?

If we went to Milan, what should we see that is not expected?

Milan is the city with the most fought fame in Italy. Some say it is gray, there are those who love it to madness (like myself). What is certain is that lately, after Expo 2015, the city has become more livable, more post-modern, more lively and cheerful. Yes, cheerful.

It makes you feel like riding a bike, making out under the sunset, eating homemade ice cream and stopping to see the construction sites still in progress.

7 places you can’t miss

Milano cosa vedere - il museo della scienza e della tecnica Leonardo da VinciAlways famous, beautiful and Milanese. Real musts, perfect for selfies.

  1. Duomo, even just to sing O mia bela Madunina on the roof
  2. Castello Sforzesco, its gardens and Parco Sempione
  3. Navigli, with the recently renewed Darsena
  4. Brera and the fortune-tellers
  5. The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, book in advance
  6. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, fascinating as ever
  7. Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology with the Toti submarine and the railway tunnel

11 hidden gems to visit in Milan

Milano cosa vedere - i murales poetici di Porta TicineseMilan, what to see outside the usual locations? I have some advice to give… let’s start like this.

  1. Branca Tower
  2. Brera’s Botanic Garden
  3. Dialogue in the Dark, to see through your heart
  4. VIP’s footprints, just like Hollywood
  5. Pink flamingos hidden in a private garden
  6. San Satiro Church‘s optical illusion
  7. Teatro La Scala, behind the curtains
  8. Triennale and its super cool exhibitions
  9. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele’s roof
  10. The Roman excavations of Massimiano’s Imperial Palace
  11. Wall poetry in Corso di Porta Ticinese

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