Milano in estate è il momento per vedere gli amici senza stress

Kim and I become even more sauvage in summer

Milanis empty in the summer. What?!

During the summer, Milan is full of events, squares, people having happy hours, sportsmen. Augusts are not the as they used to be.

Think of me riding a bike on Naviglio Grande, melting and getting a reward in the shape of a giant gelato.

I moved to Milan in 2000. I remember those deserted summers… I don’t regret them, though. The city becomes less heavy and smells like holidays. What to do in Milan in the summer? Easy: anything you like. Because everybody cools off and relaxes.

Milano in estate Bagni Misteriosi

Mysterious plants at Bagni Misteriosi: Milano in the summer is more exotic than ever.

22 reasons to visit Milan in the summer

  1. sunsets are beautiful
  2. mosquitos are not as many as in Brescia
  3. there’s thousands of events waiting for you
  4. sale are on from July 1st to August 31st
  5.  have a swim at Bagni Misteriosi
  6. get fit with bike sharing
  7. Gelateria della Musica‘s gelato
  8. traffic
  9. nights are hot with the rithm of Tango Illegal
  10. you can find cheap rooms in hotels and B&B
  11. Palazzo Reale always holds amazing exhibitions
  12. eat sushi out in the open
  13. piazza Gae Aulenti and Corso Como become the croisette of North-West
  14. kids play in the fountains and we are soooo jelous
    Milano in estate canottaggio

    Handsome sailors? I believe that’s the wrong boat.

  15. a La La Land themed pic-nic  with strangers
  16. sun-bathing at Idroscalo
  17. mazurka at Balera dell’Ortica
  18. dance like a teenager during a concert at Carroponte in Sesto San Giovanni
  19. Chiringay’s drinks in Porta Venezia
  20. listen to L’estate addosso while you’re getting hot
  21. enjoy the air conditioning in big malls
  22. go rowing on Naviglio Grande. Or just look at sailors.

If the hot weather is just not your thing, there’s only one thing left to do: read the post I created for the winter. Well, that’s going to be way less hot…

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