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Looking for a Milan free guide?

Two years ago we wrote a Milan guide that according to us (and all those who tried it out) is super-cool. We know, though, that not everyone would trust a stranger’s advice like we do.

We decided to create a mini Milan free guide in pdf so that anyone who wants to get a trip (or a tan) in Milan this summer could take advantage of some of our trips.

Ok, the Duomo, La Rinascente, The Sforzesco Castle, shopping and fashion streets. There’s way more than that. We chose some among the 92 tips we used to write MaxGuide and miniaturized the in a synthetic and colorful PDF. Just like the one you’d draw for your friends coming to visit your city. Just like a map of an amusement park. Just like the costumes in La La Land opening.

📚Download now our free mini guide on Milan!

MiniMaxGuide: Milan’s cutest mini guide ever

Milan free guide in pdf Two pages. Minimalist, but not advice-greed. All you need and that you can double-side print, fold and put in your pocket, if you do not have a handbag. If you have an iPad, try not to break it when you fold it to put it in your pocket. Since you are blind, you can also print it in A3. The guide. Not the iPad.

I created it (like the Tuca Tuca), Angela designed it, Seba realized it. A trio like you have no idea!

No one paid us, the places we mention don’t even no they’re in the guide. No pork-barreling, 100% volunteering to make sure that Milano doesn’t let you down.

📚You haven’t downloaded it yet? Unf.

In details, out Milan free guide in pdf includes:

  • the apps you need to live the city at its best
  • tips on where to have breakfast, lunch or just a spritz
  • the simple and synthetic map of the city
  • the link and the QR code to a special Google Map that contains the places we suggest
  • our favorite make-out spot
  • the top place for a tan in Milan this summer
  • my face

📚Do you need any more reasons to download it right now?

MiniMaxGuide Milan 2018 is for those who…

  • C'è pure la Betta che fotografa il Castello Sforzesco!have never been in Milan and are terrified
  • have never been in Milan and are fascinated
  • hate Milan without having even visited it first
  • haven’t visited in a long time and would like to know what to do in a day
  • are ironic, inside and out, and don’t care about a serious guide
  • are our friends and will download it because they love us
  • want to know how MaxGuide looks like, but don’t want to spend 7 Euros
  • are about to download it. Like you. 📚 I’m counting on it!

Our Milan guide is not for those who…

  • are assholes. We’ve got nothing for them – only this emoji 💩
  • want may information on each place. We recommend Wikipedia
  • just don’t wanna come to Milan
  • are homophobes
  • perfectly know Milan, attend exclusive locations and are after the most refine advice
  • don’t want to leave their e-mail
  • have no intention to visit Milan this summer

In summaryOltre alla nostra guida di Milano, ora c'è pure il Bosco Verticale!

There is no reason for you not to come and take a look to see how our city improved in the last few years. This summer is the right time. And if you download our Milan free guide in pdf, you’re in for the win.

However, if you’re looking for someone to make out with, we can’t help you with that. 🍋

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