calamiteSomeone should stop these manufacturers of magnets. No, sorry, these distributors. Those who sell them for 1-2-3-4-5 Euro, and so on. Not for the price, of course. Because they were produced faraway from the place where they are sold

London magnets made in Taiwan. Naples magnets made in China. Berlin magnets made in Naples.

What’s the point, for us or for those waiting for us at home, in bringing the image of a place, that was not shaped, colored, glued to a magnet right there, where it should be coming from? Or, if it did not help the local economy, but was based on cheap exploitation of faraway labor and took advantage of the reassuring image of our happy holiday location?

Each gesture can make the difference, no matter how small. The back of the magnet quickly gives away where it comes from; ask the retailer for confirmation is a way to change the world. One magnet at a time.