Ma che bontà, ma che bontà… ma che cos’è questa robina qua?

(How tasty, how tasty.. what is this tasty little treat? sings the famous Italian artist Mina)

My Monday morning smells of Mina. No, not Tim’s Mina (who 16 years ago declared “the world is no longer what it once was. The world has changed with Wind!”). I’m talking about the one that makes your lips ting thinking about Elba Aleatico wine and Swiss chocolate.

I wonder what would she think about the fact that more than 90% of brioche we eat in a bar are “frost”… and that when we take the integral brioche with honey, it only contains a trace of it. As if we’d only season two spaghetti in the meat sauce. 

Then there are places like Cascina Caremma, you can also find it in MaxGuide Milan’s excursions.

It’s a beautiful place. Lost in the countryside among Vigevano, Pavia and Milan.

It’s a fragrant place. Smelling of nature, essential oils, food.

It’s a real place. Renovated little by little, incorporating the existing buildings.

It’s a place where details matter, because they tell a coherent tale altogether.

It’s a good place. Most of what they serve is self-produced. And it’s fresh.

The menu is made of food tastings filled with asterisks. Those that, in other restaurants, generally indicate frozen products. Here they identify products that are self-produced. Frozen products are marked with another symbol that you can find in the legend.

Sometimes asterisks and small notes may indicate good things, not bad ones. Information that might not be essential for a quick glance, but that could turn in small joys that are worth discovering reading between lines.

Joy#21 – use an asterisk to hold something good

What if we added “one more thing” in the meeting that we are about to take part in, one last good news?

What if we asked the agency to add an asterisk to that press announcement, indicating a surprise that our customers weren’t expecting from us?

What if we shared a positivity burst in that PS?

I’m really digging a Monday with all these asterisks.