Stefano Rosa e i mille busker italiani rendono le piazze vive e felici.

It looks like Mondays became my Music Days. After the amazing experience with last week’s secret concert, there’s another music joy you can experience. Basically outside of your house.

Let’s stop for 5 minutes.

I swear, you can find them. In the streets. To listen to someone who, with cold or scorching heat, with little or many people, shyly or boldly, shares his art.

Stefano is a good singer, he composes, arranges, and writes music. I met him five years ago while he was navigating among his passion, a world that does not allow anyone to enter the top ten, the aspiration of a serious job and the desire to create.

And then, he made his choice.

Why keep sending hundreds of unfelt CVs?

Perché lasciare quel sogno là dov’è? Perché lasciare che un altro viva per te? (Why leave that dream where it is? Why let someone else live for us? ndt) (ok, this one comes from a song by Renato Zero…)

Stefano is a busker, a street artist, and has a hectic performance schedule. He travels the squares from north to south and has a different stage every day. A sidewalk, a terrace, paved or asphalt. He gives warmth and receives it back. He shares his passion and courage with thousands of people, who applauded him in 120 squares this year alone.

Joy #12 – Stop to listen to a busker’s music and buy their CD

Yes, today we’re definitely in a hurry. Just today?

What would happen if we stopped to listen to Stefano or one of his thousands of colleagues, who do not have a contract but they still work every single day to make sure that art will make it? What if we threw 10 Euro in their guitar case?

We could be awarder with a CD that will not scale the top ten (for now), but it is Km 0, with no need for certifications and supervision. Something that doesn’t ask for permission and could enter our hearts. It will take a place in our hearts.

Drastically changing this Monday, too.