Summer is ending (no wait, it’s already over!), and just like every year I’m desperate. I believe there is no winter partition in my hard disk. Fall, maybe, but spring is definitely more likely. Summer though… I wish it could last the whole year. I dream about moving to California, or the Canary Islands, where you do not sweat too much nor dress too heavy. Where days do get shorter but flip flops are very rarely abandoned.

What I like the most about summer is walking barefoot around the house, feeling the cold of the tiles and be happy, very happy. Clearly, walking barefoot on the sand would have an even more important place in my heart, but I’ll settle for this. Last year I was in Lisbon (and I’ll return in November with Nic for the web summit) and I walked barefoot almost everywhere. Sure, I would have loved to walk on the azuleos, but it seems like I have not the ability to walk on walls, yet.

So, enough with #neverajoy – it’s time to move towards #athousandjoys, shouting “More tiles for everyone!”.

PS: in order to enjoy this extraordinary light and fall in love with Milan, we created MaxGuide. If you still haven’t got it … You are crazy.