You don’t need any particular reason to go to Genoa. You shouldn’t stick to the Aquarium only.

Genoa is amazing.

Ok, I’m from Genoa. I left 17 years ago, because it didn’t offer me enough working potential. The see, though. The sky. The food!

Piazza de Ferrari a Genova e la primavera che sboccia

My 13 good reasons to visit Genoa

  1. Focaccia, pesto and pansotti 🍴
  2. Eating frisceu. Typical and delicious fried food.😋
  3. The sight from Castelletto 🏰
  4. Making-out at Boccadasse 🍋
  5. Get lost among the tiny caruggi 😱
  6. Happy hour in piazza delle Erbe 🍸
  7. Ejnoy the Stroll at Nervi 🌊
  8. Exhibition at Palazzo Ducale 🖼
  9. Coffee at the Ancient Dock☕️
  10. Taking the Cable Railway 🚇
  11. Taking a walk among liberty buildings 🗽
  12. Finding 1001 churches and more ⛪️
  13. Ok, visiting the Aquarium🐠

I won’t tell you that there’s also my nephew, Marcello, who is the nicest kid in the world. And my new nephews Giovanni and Matteo, so adorable. And two more will join my big family in 2019. Even more reasons for me to visit the city over and over again.

I can tell you that the sun shines most days. It links together the sea and the mountains . It’s full of extraordinary villas and gardens. You’ll get fit walking up and down the streets. It’s not dirty nor unpolite. Genoeses get better with the years. Close to France and Tuscany. It is in Liguria, beautiful place a stone’s throw away from Milan. It’s a city you can’t forget, like San Francisco.

Pesto was born in Genoa.

Genoa is still the ultimate place for pesto.

Slow Fish, a perfect occasion

In 2019 Slow Fish will be back. Full of fish, good wines, stories and provocations. Sustainable, healthy and coherent fishing.

The protagonist will likely be the Ancient Dock (the one with Renzo Piano’s bigo and Aquarium) – let’s hope they’ll share the time table soon here.

No, there is definitely no reason not to hop on a train…