There’s not point in denying it. The more I go there the more it opens my heart. Even though I travelled all-around the world, changed home several times, met extraordinary people from New York to Tokyo.. Here is where the biggest piece of my heart beats, where my blood oxigenates, where sunsets conquer my sight every single time. A chorus of voices that make the Autumn on Lake Maggiore a moment of pure magic. And I’ve just rediscovered it.

If you have a shirt and a heart, sell your shirt to see Lake Maggiore! cit. My Grandma Desi, born in Cannero, paraphrasing Stendhal

Spring on Lake Maggiore is usually kissed by Citrus from Cannero Riviera, at the beginning of March. Summer is hot and full of colours, which add to the music from Lido di Cannobio, to beautiful books and walks to Morissolo. The Autumn comes. Now, I really need to start a new triumphant paragraph.

Foliage and Autumn on Lake Maggiore

Autunno sul lago Maggiore - sembra uno sfondo di Windows!For years I have been dreaming of going to Vermont to see the foliage. Year after year. Till yesterday. Because during a short trip on the mountains next to my beloved lake, I found nature in the middle of a sweet transformation, that gave me unexpected views, for the first time. And we never forget our first times. Drive up the lake, passing Verbania, Ghiffa and Oggebbio. When you get to Cannero, get ready for a few turns, and keep driving up to Trarego Viggiona. After 10 minutes, take a break in the first plain you reach, have a coffee at Bar Elios. In front of you, the lake with all its beauty, overlooked by Morissolo, that looks like the wizards apprentice’s hat – covered by trees. Get back in the car. And get ready to dive in Autumns colours, driving towards Colle and Piancavallo.

You’ll get high on beauty..

..on leaves, yellow, green, red and orange leaves. Ad libitum. Roll down your car windows, switch off the radio. Pull over every once in a while to stretch, breath in that therapeutic air. Feel like Thelma and Louise, Superman, Pinco Panco and Panco Pinco… or just like yourself. Yours is the choice.

12 ideas for an Autumn trip on Lake Maggiore

La nostra mini guida al Lago Maggiore, da Stresa a Cannobio Hidden gems? Tips for first-goers? We collected the things to do in this post.

There are so many! We also put our favourites in this free mini guide. Beautiful, synthetic and ready to make you fall in love with Lake Maggiore. I wrote it with love and Seba turned it into a pdf that will guide you up and down the lake.