Yes, you can fall in love with Milan during the winter. I swear. You can find (at least) 10 things to do in Milan from November to March.

Milan under the snow, Milan in the mist, Milan with no sea (or it would recall Bari).

This negletted Milan, offers asylum for students, poets, former sailors and dreamers. Those who plan their escape, who fall in love day by day, in winter as well as in summer. Milan is to be loved all the year, under the rain and the sun. Beacuse after all this is what we are talking about…

My 10 reasons to visit Milan during the winter

1 – enjoy the mist.

It’s precious and romantic… You’ll feel like skipping work to make out hidden from pryig eyes. It’s the icing on the cake.

2 – the ice skating rink at Bagni Misteriosi

During the summer is the perfect place for a swim, in the winter the rik floats full of magic. Unless you’re as clumsy as me…

3 – Christmas markets almost averywhere, from Oh Bej Oh Bej the surroundings

The Artisan Fair, Wunder Mrkt, Pulci Pettinate and so on. Buying Christmas presents in Milan had never been this original. Don’t tell me you’re still using Amazon…

4 – Drink a hot chocolate

We’re not in the belle époque and you won’t find yourself in a café chantant. Modern, design, retrò, frozen in the ’50s, colorful, hipster… Milan will satisfy any taste.

5 – get lost among bookshelves in independent libraries

Ok, I admit it. This is the sport suitable for any season. In Milan, independent libraries are flourishing everywhere and we’re falling in love with them. Mostly in the winter.

6 – Forum’s concerts or musical around the city theatres

Milan is the capital of musicals, ça va sans dire. And mega-concerts, too. And theatre. And Opera. It has it all. Dozens of shows everyday.

7 – walk close together to keep warm

In San Babila and Montenapoleone, in Turro and Quarto Oggiaro. In Milan love reigns everywhere.

8 – Hammam della Rosa and QC Terme‘s vapours

During the summer, relax moves to more vacationers places, but in the winter the vacation is in the city. SPA, steam bath, hot pools, saunas. Bye bye, stress.

9 – saffron risotto with ossobuco

My grandma called it yellow risotto and made me love it. Milan wouldn’t be the same without its risotto. Take your time to enjoy it and stop regretting orecchiette. PS: I love the one they make at Nabucco, in Brera.

10 – Triennale’s cool exhibitions

There’s lots of museums, both old and new. Triennale, though, is different. Permanent or temporary exhibitions. It’s the house of design and innovation.

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